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good morning, america. breaking news for the viewers in the west. the nation's unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest rate in almost four years. what will that do to romney's momentum? and breaking at this hour, a massive scramble to alert thousands of patients in two dozen states that they might be infected with a deadly meningitis from tainted injections. dozens sick, five dead, and new questions about how this happened in the first place. an abc news exclusive. we track down the security guard who sent that e-mail to a local anchorwoman about her weight. it sparked outrage across the country. she fought back on the air. his message to her now. >> i truly apologize to jennifer. that's the last thing i ever wanted to do. and duel of the divas. the escalating fight between mariah carey and nicki minaj. reports this morning from carey
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that minaj threatened to shoot her. and now mariah carey has hired more protection. the latest on this fiasco, threatening to blow up "american idol." happy friday, everyone. good morning the all our viewers in the west. as you know, robin is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great news about her coming up. great to have elizabeth vargas here. big news coming out this friday morning. how it could shake up the race for the white house. >> we have big news on gas prices this morning. they're spiking in california. approaching $6 a gallon. stations are closing down
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because it's too expensive or there is not enough to stock up. also on the show today. an amazing reunion ahead. the cast of "clueless." the '90s classic movie. could this be the most photographed woman in the world, here, live in times square? maybe. is that kate? >> she's got the wave down perfectly. >> let's get to the jobs news. the latest report on unemployment, a surprising drop to 7.8%. bianna golodryga is here with the details. >> reporter: 114,000 jobs were added in the month of september. that number we expected. the 7.8% drop of unemployment is a big drop. 8% is a psychologically damaging
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numbers. we had upward revisions for july and august. >> we're seeing some commentators come in, jack wall herb, saying the numbers might have been manipulated to help the president. >> thats's a dangerous and unfounded allegation. if that was true, there were plenty of numbers in the past that the president would have liked to manipulate. >> we want to get more on the white house race. "your voice, your vote." just 32 days to go. and this morning, mitt romney, riding high from his debate win wednesday. president obama fighting back, promising to do better at the next debate. the big question now, how much will today's job news help him make the case. david muir is with mitt romney in harrison jrks buburg, virgin.
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>> reporter: they're looking to turn the page on the debate this week, the president obama team. mitt romney is looking to keep his momentum going. overnight here, the key battleground of virginia, mitt romney on a different stage. but it was that debate stage 24 hours earlier still on his mind. >> last night, i thought was a great opportunity for the american people to see two very different visions for the country. >> reporter: deafening cheers from a swelling crowd after a debate performance that's rallied republicans. running mate paul ryan taking a break from his own debate prep. >> last night, america got to see the man i know. a leader. >> reporter: the president, meanwhile, in the battleground leaning his way, wisconsin. speaking before a crowd of more than 30,000, his biggest crowd of the campaign yet. more energized than during the debate. >> when i got on the stage, i met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. [ laughter ] but i know it couldn't have been mitt romney because the real
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mitt romney's been running around the country for the last year promising $5 drl in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> reporter: many supporters asking, why wasn't the president tougher? why no mention of romney and his comments about the 47%? the people romney said he could never convince to take personal responsibility. romney offering a new explanation for those comments overnight. >> why didn't president obama bring that up? what would you have said if he did bring it up? >> clearly, in a campaign with hundreds, if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then, you're going to say something that doesn't come out right. in this case, i said something that was just completely wrong. >> reporter: that was one of the first times we heard romney, in fact, the first time we heard him say he was completely wrong on those comments about the 47%. the obama team says they'll look at their strategy before the next debate. james carville and mary
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matalin will join us on "this week." elizabeth? now we're going to turn to an explosive e-mail that reveals that extra security requested by american diplomats in libya were denied. the extra security for help in flying personnel and equipment around that country was rejected. abc news has obtained the information exclusively and abc's jake tapper has more on this. with the hearings coming up next week, this could be explosive. >> reporter: it could be a big deal. absolutely right, elizabeth. after the attack in benghazi, one of the big questions is, did the obama administration recognize the deteriorating security situation in libya? and did they do everything that they could to protect diplomatic personnel in that country? abc news has obtained this
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internal e-mail from the state department in may suggesting that a request by a security support team, about 16 special forces soldiers, to keep a small airplane, a dc-3 in that country to get around more easily, especially with all their weapons, was rejected, elizabeth. >> how is the state department reacted to whether or not proper security and teams were given to the teams in libya? >> reporter: the state department says this is not a big deal. commercial flights were available at the time. and they say that there's no evidence that the absence of this airplane had any effect on what happened in september. but republicans on the hill, with the house oversight committee which will be holding hearings, says it's part of a pattern of officials in washington denying security requests from ambassador stevens and others in libya. >> very volatile, the four deaths in that country.
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jake tapper, thank you very much. let's turn to josh elliott with more on the morning's breaking news. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with flights being canceled or delayed across the country this morning because of more trouble at american airlines. the company has grounded dozens of 757s for the second time because of those seats that are still coming loose in mid-flight. abc's senior national correspondent, jim avila, has been on this story from the beginning. jim, if nothing else, they think they've solved the problem this time. >> reporter: good morning, josh. two important things for american passengers to note this morning. first of all, american says they have, indeed, found the cause. and are now retrofitting all of those 757s with an additional lock, a bolt, that will bolt the seats to the floor and make sure they don't flip around anymore. three of them did in three, separate flights during the week here in the last few days. one of them, even flipping the seats back into the row behind them. the second important thing to note, as you say, this will mean lots of delays and cancellations. in fact, nearly 100 cancellations in the last two days. they'll continue through
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saturday, maybe into sunday. and then, though, american airlines says, the good news is, it will all be fixed and things will get back to normal. josh? >> that's very good news, indeed. jim avila, thank you for that. investigators now say it's possible that the border patrol agent killed on duty near the arizona/mexico border this week may have been the victim of friendly fire. 30-year-old nicholas ivie was shot in what's called cocaine alley in arizona. though two people are under arrest in mexico, sources are looking closely into whether ivie was accidentally shot by a fellow officer. and police in san antonio say it is a miracle no one was killed when the school bus you see there plunged 15 feet off of a highway overpass, landing on the doorstep of a hotel. the bus, crashing through the concrete barrier after hitting a car above. two adults and one child were hurt, but they are okay today. and a first in the very
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macho world of professional boxing. fighter orlando cruz has come out, calling himself, and i quote, a proud, gay man. he is the number four featherweight of the world. he had doubts about making the announcement but wants to be true to himself. in advance, i should add, of a title fight, in fact. finally, beekeepers in eastern france cannot give their honey away today. why, you ask. because their bees are producing this -- batches of honey in shades of blue and green. it turns out, a nearby m&m plant may be to blame. it seems instead of snacking on the nectar, the bees have been going over to the plant and basically eating the m&ms. the containers that hold the waste from the candy production. hence, rainbow-hued honey. there are too many toss lines for this, so i'm just going to send it back to you guys. >> i want some. >> i know. i knew it.
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everybody's at home thinking, i want some of that. very buzzy story. we're going to turn -- sorry. we're going to turn to a major health care right now, breaking out in several states. meningitis. 35 cases so far. at least five people have died. the government blames contaminated steroid injections for back pain made at a plant in massachusetts. even though the plant has been shut down, the cdc is warning the outbreak can still get worse. dr. richard besser is here to explain. you worked at the cdc. why are they so worried it can spread? >> i talked to the lead investigator last night at the cdc. they're very worried about this. this product was sent to 75 clinics in 23 different states. as doctors contact those patients, they're going to find people with the disease that didn't even know they had it. >> what about this form of meningitis? >> you hear about meningitis. and you think about the outbreaks on college campuses, going person-to-person, very rapidly deadly. this is different. it's caused by a fungus, a mold that we're all exposed to. and it usually causes problems only in people that have immune
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problems. but here, it was injected directly into the spine. it goes up to the brain, causes inflammation. and here in some people, it actually caused a stroke. >> what are the symptoms? >> it may be milder than what people think of normally with meningitis, with a stiff neck. here's what you want to look for. fever, but not always. you may have a worsening headache, nausea, weakness. or because of the stroke, you could have slurred speech. but the stiff neck may be missing. if you had an injection with spinal steroids, you need to contact your doctor and find out if it came from the new england compounding pharmacy. >> it's hard to believe that such a widely used treatment could get contaminated like this. >> that's the question. it was made by a pharmacy in new england and was sent around the country. the question is, should that be allowed to happen? >> dr. richard besser, thanks very much. now, to the soaring gas prices out west getting hit the hardest. out west is getting hit the hardest right now. some gas stations are even closing down because prices are
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so high and gas is so scarce. and abc's abbie boudreau is in los angeles with the very latest on this story this morning. good morning, abbie. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. look at the sign behind me. almost $6 a gallon. even costco had to shut down some of its pumps yesterday. and drivers are getting fed up. sticker shock at gas stations across california. >> gas is killing us. absolutely killing us. >> reporter: at this station thursday, an outrageous $5.69 for a gallon of regular unleaded. and $5.99 for premium. >> i thought they were pretty high. i didn't actually look. oh, shoot. yesterday, it was like $4-something, right? >> reporter: yeah. recent refinery fires in california and pipeline problems are driving prices through the roof. and causing california reserves to hit a ten-year low. so, some gas stations were forced to shut down their pumps. here and across the country, gas is pumping up to the highest prices ever for this time of the year.
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the national average is up to $3.78. but in many states, prices are topping $4 a gallon. in washington state, $4.03. in new york and connecticut, $4.10. and here in california, gas is up 45 cents from this time last year, averaging at $4.32 a gallon. >> this is the worst it's ever been. this is the highest gas prices we've ever had. >> reporter: the owner here hopes customers don't blame her. this is what i love. we're sorry. it's not our fault. >> it's not our fault. we have no choice. >> reporter: but, george, and elizabeth, there is some relief in sight. analysts predict that prices will bottom out about $3.50 around thanksgiving. george and elizabeth? >> wow. get those prices down. abbie, welcome back from maternity leave. baby boy for abbie. good to see you. hope you're getting sleep.
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>> reporter: thank you so much. >> great to have her back. now, we're going to turn to the country's newest instant millionaires. an iowa couple has come forward to claim the $202 million powerball jackpot. as abc's john muller reports, the wife's first challenge was convincing her husband that their good fortune was not a bad joke. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's time to announce iowa's newest millionaires. >> reporter: walking the red carpet like rock stars and just as rich. life will never be the same for mary and brian lohse. of suburban des moines. the sole winners of the $202 million powerball jackpot. mary, a medical technician, bought the ticket while filling up with gas at this convenience store. at first, she thought she only matched three numbers. >> i had the last three numbers. i thought, well, at least i won 100 bucks. >> reporter: when she found out she struck it rich, she called her husband, an attorney, who was out of town on business. >> i didn't believe her. i didn't believe her boss. she texted me a couple times to keep up the charade, i thought. >> reporter: it was no charade. after a lump sum payout in taxes, they're almost $91 million richer overnight.
7:16 am
>> is this heaven? >> it's iowa. >> reporter: iowa is earning a reputation of a field of dreams for powerball jackpots. $202 million this week. a $241 million jackpot in june, when 20 quaker oats workers hit it big in the office pool. the lohses don't know if they'll keep their day jobs. they want to spend the money wisely. >> we want to help out our community and our church. >> reporter: they plan on keeping their three children grounded. >> they're going to get a lot more dates. but -- that's important to the 15-year-old. you know, just stay grounded. and just don't change the way we've raised them. >> reporter: of course, the lohses did leave their press conference in a limousine. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news. >> staying grounded in a limousine. >> yeah, a 50-foot limo spells change. we're going to go from one happy story to another. that good news from robin. she may be coming home from the hospital next week.
7:17 am
>> yay. >> yay. >> fingers crossed. she posted a thankful thursday message on her blog. we want to share it with all of our "gma" family. i've been in the hospital 25 days now, robin writes. my bone marrow transplant took place exactly two weeks ago. the only numbers that matter are my blood counts. and they are great. my sister sally-ann's stem cells apparently feel right at home in my body. an answer to so many prayers. my doctors and rock star nurses are very pleased with my progress. and i could not be more thankful for the excellent care i'm receiving. i've had some extremely painful days. and it's still difficult for me to eat because of all the chemo. i continue to learn so much on this journey. especially when it comes to true friendship and love. my friends, near and far, like sam and josh who came to visit, have been lifting my spirits. i'm hopeful that i may be well enough to continue my recovery
7:18 am
at home next week. and my sisters plan to come to new york city for that milestone in my journey. i truly feel and thank you for your love, prayers and good wishes. and i return it to you ten-fold. light, love, power, presence, xo. xo right back at you, robin. >> that's so great. >> it's great news. >> she looks fantastic. >> she does. our fingers are crossed. you can go to for the latest on her journey. with that, sam, how about weather and a smile? >> people on twitter this morning are asking, if we get a group together and have a team robin picture, what do we do with it? just tweet it to "gma." we'll make sure we get it on our facebook page or on tv or some place where people will see it. if you want to do that, go ahead and do it. >> and bonus points if you do it in froggy slippers. >> we have incredible stuff going on in denver this morning. i don't know. it depends on how you feel about it. when you wake up, we have early-morning pictures of a good
7:19 am
hit of snow. about a week, a little more than a week early there. and we had a bigger hit coming on out of minnesota this morning. and that is the earliest this much snow in minnesota. so, we've got a lot of areas in minnesota. we have a big push of cold air. and watch the numbers go down. if you look right here from dallas, it's 75 degrees on the one side of the front. amarillo at 47 degrees on the other side of the front. that's how cold the first shot of cold air is. get prepared for it. we'll talk about how far it sweeps east.
7:20 am
>> all right. coming up on "good morning america," dueling divas. has the clash between mariah carey and nicki minaj escalated to an all-out war? plus, an abc news exclusive. we track down the tv viewer who made national headlines for what he said about their local anchorwoman's weight. ♪
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experts blame refinery problems and shortage of reserves. they expect prices to continue climbing a dime a gallon, per day in the near future. if you got some gas and could you afford it, how is the traffic? >> this is 80 westbound, stall at pro row westbound sluggish into the -- bay bridge ptolemy terg lights on earlier problem has traffic backed into the macarthur maze. new accident san jose northbound 85 at blossom hill. >> when we come backñ/&ñfñ!ñx1qq
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low clouds and high clouds beautiful sight upper 40s north bay cool santa rosa elsewhere mild 60 in oakland as well as mountain view, mild temperatures at our coast today and all weekend long higher clouds will mix out for partly cloudy sky, 66 rich does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola,
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♪ you've got this one thing get out, get out ♪ ♪ get out of my head why bother going down on one knee, just you and her? get 90 people involved in your marriage proposal and it will go wild online. so much fun. we're going to share it. we're going to talk to the couple, just ahead. it takes a village to get married. >> wow. >> i love it. >> yeah. it's hysterical. >> it is fantastic. good morning, everyone. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here. also ahead -- i'm sorry. i have a cough drop. also, the clash of the music divas. nicki minaj and mariah carey. an all-out fight. right? >> ryan seacrest says it's great for ratings.
7:31 am
>> of course, it is. >> but apparently, it's gotten quite bad. according to barbara walters, nicki minaj threatened to shoot her. >> you're a gamesman. what cough drop? >> it's behind my ear now. we also have an abc news exclusive. we tracked down the tv viewer who made national headlines for what he said about that local anchorwoman's weight. he's got message for her. a follow-up message for her. >> it goes on and on. who is this? a huge times square welcome, right here. plus, flashbulbs going crazy. could it be the most photographed woman in the world? >> that's what happens every morning when you come in, lara. >> could it be? could it be? >> probably not. >> could it be? >> maybe not. well, sam, you'll like this. the cast of "clueless." the cast of "clueless." can't help it.
7:32 am
>> sam's been sassy all morning long. sam's been sassy all morning long. >> the people in pismo beach need sporting equipment, too. wait until you get there. it's a line from the movie. >> i had no idea "clueless" was so important to you. >> who are you? we're going to get to the dueling divas now. nicki minaj and mariah carey. linsey davis here with the details. >> reporter: rumors of the dueling divas started last month, when the judges for "american idol" were first announced. now, we're seeing there may be truth to it, based on leaked videos, a barrage of tweets. even barbara walters is involved in this public feud that now includes alleged threats of violence. when it all started, there was plenty of shooting off at the mouth, at the "american idol" judging table. >> i told them i'm not [ bleep ] putting up with your been been highness. figure it [ bleep ] out. figure it out. figure it out. i'm not sitting here for 20 minutes to have you run down your resume every day. >> reporter: but some claim the battle of the divas has escalated to an all-out war,
7:33 am
with threats to involve actual guns. barbara walters says mariah carey told her nicki minaj threatened to shoot her. >> she said that when nicki walked off the set, several people heard her say, if i had a gun, i would shoot [ muted ] that -- mariah says she can't take a chance and has hired extra security. >> reporter: a promise she apparently kept. in a tirade, minaj took to twitter. tweeting, i thought we resolved it yesterday. but i see you want your pity party to continue. i'll hit up barbara and milk it. she went on. ironically, no camera or mic heard the gun comment. and then tweeted, insecurity is as cruel as the grave. fox is staying out of the diva fiasco. but carey's hubby, nick cannon,
7:34 am
added his two cents about the blowup. >> my wife is the strongest and the classiest woman i have ever met. if you watch the video, she maintains her composure. >> reporter: "american idol" host ryan seacrest witnessed the whole showdown. and called the situation intense. >> it got heated, as reported, between nicki and mariah. it was intense. i'll be honest with you. you've got interesting perspective and different opinion. >> reporter: fellow newbie judge, keith urban, was right in the middle of the crossfire. >> i was the u.n. >> switzerland. >> reporter: while minaj is busy commenting on twitter, when we reached out, she had no comment. mariah carey, also no comment. barbara walters says carey also told her that minaj said, i love you. we may fight again. and carey responded, no, we will not. this bad blood between the two of them is actually new. they did a song together, that was "up out my face." >> called what? >> "up out my face."
7:35 am
it's one of your favorite songs. you know you visit on your ipod. >> i just love hearing you say that. it's priceless. >> i did that for america. >> thank you. we're going to replay it all weekend. >> josh -- now, to the allegations of forgery, intimidation and bribery, all involving a high school cheerleading squad in florida. the coach of the squad has been removed. and officials have opened an investigation. but what really went on inside this real-world "mean girls" squad? abc's matt gutman is in miami with the latest on this story. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it all started when parents started asking questions about the $1,000-plus in annual booster fees. they say those questions triggered bullying by the coach. and her pom-pomed miniones. and the coach says it was the moms who were the real "mean girls." >> i feel like my whole world's shattering. >> reporter: could melissa procilo be the kind of coach that "bring it on" bullies might have dreamed of.
7:36 am
>> time captain. i'm pulling rank. and you can fall in line or not. >> reporter: parents at this high school are accusing the embattled substitute teacher and former cheerleading coach, of being what you could call a cruel sue sylvester from "glee." >> operation "mean girls. requests. >> she was going to put me in a room with the girl that was bullying me. >> i felt like i was being humiliated and, like, targeted. >> reporter: in a complex tangling of allegations, the parents say she not only bullied their daughters but masterminded a pay-to-play scheme, costing parents thousands of dollars for a spot on the team. >> i'd like to know where the money is. i'd like to have a booster club meeting with treasury reports showing where the money is, where it's going, what are we paying for, why do we continue paying? >> reporter: there's no accounting for $9,000? >> there was no parent meeting. >> reporter: the mothers showed "gma" stacks of checks, paid out in the thousands of dollars to outside consul tanlts. the parents were never told.
7:37 am
nor were they consulted about out of county trips. has anybody ever been asked to forge your parents' signature? raise your hand. but procilo says it's all trumped up. >> i'm not bully coach. the money is easy to prove. there's receipts for everything. that's the easiest part. they can find a number. we can show a receipt for everything. that's the easy part of this. >> reporter: joanne gavin has proven tougher. she consistently tried to bring this to the attention of the principal, he banned her from the school. >> am i satisfied? am i happy? it should have never gotten this far. >> reporter: on tuesday, dozens of students and current cheerleaders fought for the reinstatement of prochilo as cheerleading coach at a school board hearing. she's been cleared by two school board investigations but was let go anyway. what could you have done that made them so angry? >> i don't know. >> reporter: no idea?
7:38 am
>> i lose sleep over that every night. >> reporter: she has been allowed to remain in her job as a substitute teacher. those cheerleaders say her "mean girl" supporters are tweeting out things like, your time will come. and it won't be nice for you. and i'll show them what bullying really is. looks like this isn't over yet. >> those are something else, those tweets. matt, thank you so much. i'm sure we'll hear more about this story. let's check in with sam champion for the weather. that's pretty amazing. >> yeah. i don't like to hear stuff like that. i really don't. >> right. let's get to the boards. we have some stuff to show you. pictures and video coming out of florida. it has been soaking. this is tampa/bradenton area, where rain has been falling again. miami, 80 inches of rain since the first of january. the wettest year on record. so far, this is not nice weather for these folks. again, we're looking at more than two inches of rain possible from orlando, ft. myers, to miami. here's where the heat is, by the way. take a look at that number.
7:39 am
80 degrees near new york city. we get out of the fog and out of the low clouds. heat and humidity. but it doesn't last. down in the 50s by sunday, with a rainy, cold day. chilly day. be prepared for that and enjoy it. i don't know. get a cough, call in sick. today at 80 degrees. memphis, about 83. dallas, about 77 degrees. and look at the big board there for you. a lot of changes happening by the time we get to the weekend. we'll talk about t ll that >> all that weather was brought to you by burlington coat factory. >> thank you, sam. >> thanks, sam. coming up, an abc news exclusive. the man behind the hurtful e-mail that made headlines for criticizing a local anchorwoman's weight. his message to her now. [ male announcer ] we put a week's worth of bad odors in a home.
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we are back, now, at 7:43. >> go ahead with that. >> no, that's okay. that will be "the play of the day." this is far more important. this is an abc news exclusive, with the tv viewer who sparked outrage for his e-mail to a local tv anchorwoman, criticizing her about her weight. abc's alex perez has the story. >> if jennifer's offended, i truly apologize to jennifer. that's the last thing i wanted to do. >> reporter: his e-mail sparked outrage across the country.
7:44 am
and after days of hiding out, abc news tracked down kenneth krause, as he arrived for his midnight work shift and spoke to him exclusively. did you feel the e-mail you sent was offensive when you wrote it? >> oh, no. of course not. i had no intent to offend anyone. of course not. >> reporter: krause, seen here with bulging biceps, is the face behind the infamous e-mail, sent to lacrosse, wisconsin, news anchor, jennifer livingston, criticizing her being overweight. >> surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for young people, girls in particular. >> reporter: livingston, who has gotten support from celebrities like ellen, as well as our own abc affiliate, wxow, who rallied around jen. >> i'm so proud of jennifer livingston. >> he's trying to shame me into losing weight. that's not being helpful. that's being a bully. >> reporter: but krause says he's not a bully. do you think you're a bully? >> um, no, i'm not a bully. i'm in no position to bully her.
7:45 am
she's a big-time media personality. i'm just a working stiff. >> reporter: livingston, the mother of three young girls, says she works out regularly, but a medical condition makes losing weight tough. she says she has a thyroid problem. did you consider that before writing the e-mail? >> of course. i've was obese as a child. i've been fighting with that all my life. boy, i can -- i can sure empathize with that. >> reporter: krause says he's trying to cast a spotlight on the negative effects of obesity. do you wish you handled things differently? >> no, like i say, it's possible that i could have revised a few things. like i said, i never meant to hurt jennifer in any way. if she's truly hurt, i do apologize for that. >> reporter: an apology, he hopes will put all this behind him. krause volunteered to help livingston get some of that weight off. but at this point, no word on whether she'll take him up on that offer. >> alex, thank you. coming up here, josh has "the play of the day" that has us all singing.
7:46 am
it's just one guy popping the question, with the help of just 90 others. we'll talk to the couple live, in a moment. ...and end with a new favorite room in the house. and when we can save even more on those kinds of projects... ...with advice to make them even better... ...that's a game-changer in itself. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, hand-scraped hampton bay saratoga hickory laminate is just $1.39 a square foot. it's not for colds, it's not for pain, it's just for sleep. because sleep is a beautiful thing. ♪ zzzquil,
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> or really part four of it. we love the epic marriage proposals. this is going to top them all. more than 100,000 views on youtube since it was posted just five days ago.
7:50 am
brad driving emily to a park in michigan. he is singing. he always sings. and then, look what happens. ♪ shot me out of the sky >> not to be concerned. as we're told, brad and emily know all of these people. and brad and emily -- oh, yeah, with the help of a little one direction, well, they are now engaged. and they join us, now, via skype. guys, first of all, congratulations from everyone here. emily, when did you think that maybe this wasn't just a day trip to a park? >> i think it wasn't until i got out of the car. like you all said, it's normal for brad to sing like that to me in the car. so, as soon as i got out and saw one of our friends from -- who goes to princeton, i was like, oh, there's something going on. >> so, brad, we have about 40 seconds.
7:51 am
how did you have this idea? where did it come from? >> really just wanted to do something special to let her know how much i love her. and i thought, let's do something crazy with our family and friends because they'd all be down for it. so, a few weeks beforehand. >> it's fantastic to watch. is there a wedding date set? >> next summer. we haven't done that yet. >> no date yet. >> next summer, though. >> good luck topping this, guys. hey, we want exclusive rights. don't be giving those away. congratulations to everybody. mazal tov, you two. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. and stick around for the program here because we have the cast of "clueless" coming up. two servings of fruit. very fruit-tritious. or, try ocean spray light 50, with just 50 calories, a full serving of fruit and no added sugar. with tasty flavors like cranberry-pomegranate and cranberry- concord grape, it's like a fruit stand in every bottle. know... demonstrating how we blend the fruits. try all our tasty ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices.
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good morning. it is going to be extra crowded this weekend with visitors attending numerous events throughout the bay area. public transit agencies are adding extra service and ask that you use it lisa argen has the forecast. filtered sunk and 58° with airport delays at sfo, 60 oakland high cirrus clouds will thin out, partly cloudy today. 71 fremont, 73 san jose. cool through the weekend. tough approach to the bay bridge, 80 westbound very slow
7:57 am
all approaches are slow. new accident at treasure island, westbound with a motorcycle down, traffic backed through the maze all approaches. eastbound skyway headed to the bay bridge, accident. áñ
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ some beautiful royal music for that crowd out in times square this morning. and also, for this, right here. you see the union jack. you see the paparazzi. you see the beefeaters. and the rolls-royce. and look. who is that? actually from that angle -- >> really. >> i'm not kidding you. >> wow. >> okay, that one, no. >> right there, yeah. >> kind of amazing. >> we're going to have the big reveal just ahead on "gma." good morning, everyone. as you know, robin is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. and it's great to have d.j. m.o.s. right here in the studio, to get us ready for the weekend. >> with some great music. coming up in just a few
8:01 am
moments. take a look at this slvideo we' about to show you. i think you'll remember this movie, "clueless." and that lovely plaid yellow jacket. >> i love that outfit. >> the cast is together again for our all-star reunion blowout. we teamed up with our friends at "entertainment weekly," to interview that terrific cast. they're going to be here. you don't want to miss this. i know sam and lara have been e reciting their favorite lines all morning. do you want to do another one? >> you want to break into "rolling with the homeys"? >> no, i don't. kabam. i have a tease. >> okay. >> it's serious at the moment. we'll get to that. first, though, we have the newest front lines in the mommy wars. some proud parents fighting back after being accused of oversharing about their kids. we'll talk to both sides on the issue. >> that's coming up. first, the news from josh. we're going to begin with the breaking news this morning. the government is out with the monthly jobs report.
8:02 am
that shows the unemployment rate has dropped below 8%. the lowest rate since early 2009 when president obama first took office. it's the news the obama campaign had been hoping for after the dispinting debate performance this week. the romney campaign responded to the report saying, quote, this is not what a real recovery looks like, unquote. two men have reportedly been arrested in connection with the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. they've killed ambassador chris stevens and others. this is according to turkish media. no confirmation jet from u.s. officials. a state department e-mail shows that diplomats in libya had requested more security before the attack. but were denied that request. and concerns over a meningitis outbreak have spread to nearly half the country. 35 cases are confirmed in these 6 states. the suspected cause of the
8:03 am
outbreak, tainted steroid shots, were shipped to the 23 states you see here. the shots came from a massachusetts pharmacy, which has been shut down. and a stunning spike in the price of gas overnight in california, where a gallon will now cost you almost $6 in some areas. that's because of a shortage being blamed on a refinery fire and pipeline problems. nationally, the average sits at $3.78 a gallon. american airlines, grounding dozens of its 757s again, so it can repair seats that have been coming loose in mid-flight. the airline is changing a bolt that holds the seats down. says the problem should be solved this weekend. and finally, a little girl in san jose, desperate to find her stolen puppy. so, she spread the word. and pretty season, the entire city knew about it. strangers, even donating thousands of dollars as a reward. now, take a look. >> i just can't believe he's in my arms right now. >> reporter: an emotional
8:04 am
reunion between the 10-year-old girl and her 6-month-old puppy, meeko. >> i want to say thank you to everybody who made this happen. >> reporter: earlier this week, marissa's san jose home was robbed. and along with electronic equipment, the burglar also nabbed little meeko. marissa and her mother made a public plea for help. >> this is just not a dog. it's not money. it's my daughter's heart. >> reporter: marissa offered the contents of her piggy bank as a reward. >> if he tried to turn him in to me, it would mean the world to me. >> reporter: a woman spotted him wandering in a local parking lot and turned him in. >> i just found him right now. i don't know whose it is. >> reporter: and while marissa gladly offered up her piggy bank, the good samaritan refused. >> i'm just happy that he's safe and he's back with our family. >> yay. [ applause ] >> and the world returns to spinning on its axis.
8:05 am
thank you, people. >> that was great. love that. >> how do i top that? i should just go home. good morning, everybody. let's do some "pop news." we begin in hollywood, with jennifer garner. boy, she may not be in her husband's new film, "argo," but boy, did she look the part of leading lady on the red carpet last night. looking glam and gorgeous in a monique lhuillier gown. the 40-year-old -- 40 years young, gorgeous mom of three, there to support ben affleck, who directs and stars in the film, in which he plays a cia operative who rescues six u.s. diplomats taken captive during the 1970s iran hostage crisis. >> he's going to be here monday to talk about it. >> and the film getting a really big buzz already. it looks really good. also in the news this morning, adele "rolling in the deep." come on. "rolling in the deep." >> she has the bell. >> could an oscar be next for the singer? her highly-anticipated theme song for the new bond movie, "sky fall," released on itunes last night.
8:06 am
and it is stunning. oh, well, i wanted you to hear the song, but that's okay. in the song, she's backed by a 77-piece orchestra. the song is already getting rave reviews. "sky fall" went up on itunes at seven minutes after midnight london time. that would be -- oh. 0:07. in case you didn't get it. to celebrate the anniversary of the first bond film ever, "dr. no." >> i like that song. >> i do, too. >> great. and i can't wait to see the movie. comes out in november. we are getting a much clearer look, now, at anne hathaway's gorgeous wedding dress this morning. we love seeing wedding dresses. until now, we've seen grainy paparazzi shots. now, valentino releasing this sketch of the dress, revealing the details. >> wow. >> it was custom-made by the legendary designer for his friend. they are very dear friends. the dress, strapless, ivory, silk. it has a lot of tulle.
8:07 am
it's got pink, hand-painted -- uh -- stuff on it. a lot of french words in there. it's elaborate. the veil, 1920s inspired lace. it's good to be friends with valentino. congratulations to you, anne. and finally, as you may know, it's our all-star reunion blowout week. the biggest on-screen reunion, still months away. issue can't wait for this. "arrested development" returning. >> yes, yes. >> here you go, josh. the first pictures of the entire cast together again, thanks to our friends at "entertainment weekly." jess, you're the best. >> the bluths are back. >> the bluths are back. on the cover of the magazine. also, inside clearly dressed for the times. it gets even better. the show is holding a contest. six superfans could win walk-on roles during the season, that will begin streaming on netflix next year. >> josh, that could be you. >> where do i have to walk? what do i have to do? >> we'll work on that. that's "pop news." >> that was great. now, to sam and the weather.
8:08 am
>> we're glad you're here. thank you for coming. i love me some -- oh, good morning. hi, everybody. we're out here in times square. by the way, there's a giant crowd. can we just add -- look how big this crowd is. you guys just keep getting -- just keep getting bigger out here in times square. good morning, everybody. let's get to the boards. we have a lot of stuff to talk about. we're going to talk about the snow video that's coming out of the northern parts of the country. i know, you think it's snow, minnesota. so what? this is a lot of snow this early in minnesota. they never had that much this early before. great falls, bismarck, minneapolis, denver, all with this first cold push of air. you'll call it a cold blast if you're underneath it. and a lot of people will be. watch this move to the eastern seaboard and into the great southwest. i'm telling you. you gotta get ready for this. new york city goes from 80 today to 56 on sunday. and it's cold and rainy at that point. chicago gets into the 40s. even dallas gets into the 50s. it will be a real difference. this is the first one since we
8:09 am
were -- i don't know, last spring, probably. >> even that shot doesn't get >> even that shot doesn't get the whole crowd in, i'm telling you this. we got it all filled in to the rafters here in times square. now, back inside to our lara spencer. lovely lara. >> thank you, sam. great crowd out there. in here, here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." when does sharing about your kids go over the line? the woman taking on parents who
8:10 am
she says share just a wee too much. the stars of "clueless" are together again, for our all-star reunion blowout. and it's a royal takeover. is the most paragraphed woman on the planet right here in times square? it's hard to -- >> there she is. >> we'll answer that question. and do a little dancing with d.j. m.o.s. live, in times square. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one story. i'm sean. i switched to advil® 10 months ago. biking can be really tough on the lower back and your upper thighs. you have some nasty aches and pains. i really like advil® because it takes care of it all. neck ache, shoulder pain and definitely lower back pain. i use advil® because my wife, she's a nurse, she recommended it. [ male announcer ] make the switch.
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a who's who of social pitfalls: who's going to sit by me? who should i sit by? turns out, lunch is pretty important. hormel natural choice sandwich meats. one-hundred percent natural. no preservatives. thanks for sending us in there with her. ♪ little d.j. m.o.s. for our makeover guests who are getting ready right now for their big reveal. whole team hard at work. d.j. m.o.s. in the studio. a lot coming up. right now, we want to turn to the latest chapter in the parenting wars and how one woman has become an internet star by taking on parents who just can't stop bragging about their kids. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: it's a blog that had mommies up in arms.
8:15 am
titled stfu parents. it's stirring up a debate about the trend of oversharing parental experiences on social media websites. playfully dubbed oversharenting. from the sonograms and onesies and potty training. oversharenting was lampooned in the movie, "what to expect when you're expecting." >> i don't know about you. but i didn't get the glow. i just got bacne and hemorrhoids. >> reporter: blaire koenig launched the site in 2009, as a place for people to vent frustration and share some laughs over tmi-related parenting posts. like misplaced kid poop, and photos you may think are cute but might not be meant for the world to see. the blog generates 1.5 million page views a month. but get this. the woman behind the site isn't even a mom.
8:16 am
>> i do think she's a bit harsh in crossing a line in taking these comments out of the context in which they were made, within the community that they were made. >> reporter: thursday, koenig appeared on "the ricki lake show" to defend her blog. >> i don't want to poke fun at one particular person. it's more like i'm highlighting what i see. >> reporter: she told us, when we don't edit ourselves we drift into oversharing, sometimes particularly on social media, less is more. some people understand where koenig's coming from. >> stop it with the kids. i'm sick of it. post something useful or informative. >> if it's facebook or something like that, you can just choose not to see it. >> reporter: the etiquette of parenting through the lens of social media is up for debate. >> i think a lot of what you see in the parenting communities are people that are sharing experiences that helped them to know how to deal with them. there are times when the gross stories can have relevance. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. okay. your chance to weigh in now. do some moms and dads share too much about their kids online?
8:17 am
vote now on on yahoo! hey, lara. >> all right, sam. we're having so much fun. we have a special guest now. i can say -- i called you sam because sam was running out here. very exciting. sorry about that, george. you know, we're talking about "clueless." speaking of which. one of our favorite movies. and this is part of our incredible flashback. we're having these all-star reunion blowouts. this is a staple of the '90s. one of the movies we can't stop talking about. look there. you see them on the cover of "entertainment weekly." abc's rachel smith had the great opportunity to talk to the cast. >> how much fun was that, rachel? >> oh, my gosh, sam. the ultimate experience for me. i am just a mad "clueless" fan, as are you. right? ♪ rolling with the homeys >> oh, yeah. i was rolling with the homeys in "clueless." it was awesome. and, of course, it was one of the most iconic movies of the '90s.
8:18 am
and it included catchphrases that many of us are still using today. and getting this cast back together felt like the ultimate high school reunion. >> i don't know why she's going out with a high school boy. get off of me. oh, as if. >> reporter: it was the movie that defined a generation. >> want to practice parking? >> what's the point? everywhere you go has valet. >> reporter: with an unapologetic passion for fashion. >> what the hell is that? >> a dress. >> says who? >> calvin klein. >> reporter: unforgettable lingo. >> i feel like such a bonehead. >> reporter: and take-no-prisoners attitude. >> hello, it was a stop sign. >> i totally paused. >> reporter: 17 years ago, "clueless" made a certifiable splash across the silver screen, leaving a permanent mark on pop culture. >> oh, my god, i'm totally buggin'. >> reporter: so, we decided to catch up with cher, dionne, murray, travis, amber, christian, and this guy, while they were reuniting for an "entertainment weekly" photo shoot.
8:19 am
can you guys believe it's been 17 years? >> people will come up to me about that movie. >> it started all of our careers. >> reporter: in 1995, the cult phenomenon was a hard script to sell. it almost didn't make it to the big screen. >> at the time, people were saying, who wants to watch a bunch of young people? >> reporter: to say that fashion was its own character in the movie would be an understatement. so, we decided to take a look at some of the most classic "clueless" ensembles. stacey. >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> that hat. >> i thought it was very fashionable. i felt like audrey hepburn. >> this is quite the famous gesture, missy. whatever. >> people still do that to me. today. >> check out the lines. >> that was not because of the movie. i was just greasy and filthy when we made the film. that was it. >> best entrance ever, dude. >> a striking, young fella.
8:20 am
♪ >> reporter: classic. iconic. the plaid. >> it still looks good. >> reporter: were you liking the outfits that you were sporting? >> i did. but i didn't understand fashion at all. i had 60 changes. i was so tired. and i didn't understand why i had to keep having fittings. and so i kind of hated them. when i saw the movie, then i was like, i understand. >> reporter: but it wasn't just the clothes that made movie history. give me some of your favorite lines from your characters. >> oh. >> yeah. >> a friend of dorothy, you ne what i'm saying? >> my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activities with balls flying at my nose. >> my favorite line was -- >> there goes your social life. >> reporter: with all the reminiscing, the group couldn't help but remember one cast member sadly missing. brittany murphy, who passed away in 2009. is there a certain memory that
8:21 am
you go to when you think of her and your time spent on "clueless "? >> her laugh. contagious. >> so, so, genuinely sweet. >> yeah. >> for a week, i couldn't believe it was real. >> reporter: your character, cher, had to take tai under her wing. and you helped her acclimate and come into herself. >> and taught her sporadically. sporadic means once in awhile. try using it in a sentence today. >> be seeing you. >> i hope not sporadically. >> reporter: where would your characters be today? >> i think dionne would be a big fashion editor in new york. >> i think amber would be married to an extremely wealthy man. and driving him crazy. >> i think i'd be an aging backup dancer for lady gaga. >> reporter: where would travis be? >> i like to think travis and tai would probably still be together. and would create some instagram or something by accident.
8:22 am
>> i would write romantic novels. they're really good. >> reporter: and where would cher be? >> yeah. married to her brother. >> "and 50 shades of guys "? >> unbelievable. but it really was a fun experience for all of us. it was like being with old friends. they really, truly seem like they enjoyed being back together, reunited again. i also got the scoop on some other a-listers who were considered for roles in "clueless." check this out. how about reese witherspoon as cher? >> i could see it. >> alicia silverstone beat her out. also up for a part was terrence howard, up for the role of murray. he was played by howard faison. and others include zoe dechanel, seth green and lauryn hill. but i think the directors got it right. >> could not imagine it another way.
8:23 am
and coming up next week, we have "melrose" monday, everybody. so excited. the cast of "melrose place," heather locklear, andrew shue. the whole gang. can't wait for that. we'll be looking forward to "melrose" monday. first, coming up on friday, we're about to meet our very special guest. she is living a true fairy tale, going from a blue-collar job, to being treated like royalty. so, what is it really like getting the royal treatment? abc's sharyn alfonsi spent the day with her. >> reporter: everywhere she goes, she turns heads. >>ky take one of you. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: but look closely. that's not kate. but rather, heidi agan, the duchess of the double-take. heidi was a single mom, a waitress, working at a hamburger joint in the u.k. customers couldn't stop staring. so, heidi quit her job and now works full-time as a kate lookalike.
8:24 am
that means appearances, photo shoots with the family, and even some paparazzi. heidi says it's all been a bit of a fairy tale. >> it's all part of the experience. it's amazing. >> reporter: she now gets the royal treatment wherever she goes. have you learned to curtesy? court -- curtesy to me. >> reporter: you don't have to learn how. >> no. i get people curtesying to me. >> reporter: we hit the streets of new york together. all right. we're having dirty water dogs with the duchess. >> cheers. >> reporter: yeah, cheers. she has kate nailed. the walk, the wave, the princess pose. >> she's very formal. yeah. with her poses. >> reporter: you can't throw a hip or anything. >> no. >> reporter: and watch what happens when we took fake kate to times square. i'm a royal photographer. say prince william. >> prince william. >> reporter: for "good morning america" -- everybody thinks it's kate.
8:25 am
nobody thought it was pippa. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> all right. it's now time to meet kate middleton's look-alike, heidi agan. >> come on out, heidi. [ cheers and applause ] >> so nice to meet you. i'm not sure if it should curtsy or not. >> what's the proper way, heidi? >> not for me. i don't like it when people do it for me. >> how much has your life changed? you've gone from a $10 an hour waitress to what do you charge for each appearance now? >> it's about $1,000 an appearance. >> $1,000. and what do people ask you to do? >> it depends. it can be advertising campaigns. or corporate events. or just walk around and be filmed. >> how did you find this out? i mean, were you just standing and people rushed you to say, oh, my gosh, kate, can we get a picture with you? how did you first discover it? >> it was when i worked in the restaurant.
8:26 am
customers would come in. and so, they'd tell me i look like kate. and they'd bring their friends in and point me out. >> this was back when kate was still dating prince harry? prince william, i mean. whoa. a scandal right here. >> it was around the time of the engagement and the wedding, when it was really high-profile then. >> and you're wearing one of kate's look-alike blue dresses right now. whechb even when you're out in jeans with your daughter, do people still recognize you? >> they do. it's fun to watch people's faces and see what they do. >> that's so much fun. >> lovely to have you in times square. >> it's been wonderful. >> thanks so much. and coming up, how this woman dropped 100 pounds. her message for anyone losing weight. and our makeover ambush. don't go away.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. bay area gas prices taking another leap. these are average prices in the larger bay area cities posted six hours ago. they've increased 15 cents a gallon or more since yesterday. experts blame refinery problems and shortage of reserves. they expect prices to climb up to a dime a gallon per day in the near future. wasting gas on east freeway now bumper-to-bumper earlier accident at university gone when you get into the bay bridge toll another accident on the span earlier motorcycle again now a big rig halfway across the span blocking right lane continues slow new accident north 880 before
8:28 am
stevens week in san jose. we check in with meteorologist lisa arge
8:29 am
looking at mostly sunny conditions numbers mild santa rosa 48, 57 fremont, more sunshine today, slightly cooler air throughout the weekend, 64 in the city, 71 fremont, 76 livermore. monterey bay afternoon sun and
8:30 am
still dry through sunday. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] out here in times square, getting ready for the weekend, on this friday. you know the music right there. you see it. "melrose place." they'll be here on monday. all-star blowout reunion continues. our friends at "entertainment weekly" help us make it all happen. we look forward to that on monday. good morning, america. robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. great to have elizabeth vargas here. >> it's great to be here on this friday, where we have our own deejay, m.o.s., kicking off the weekend early. and our glam squad is hard at work, giving two women we hand-picked out of times square, an ambush makeover. i would love to get an ambush
8:31 am
makeover. >> absolutely. really, ambush is the word here. cameron mathison found two women that were willing to let our stylists remake their look, hair, make up, everything. >> can't wait to see the looks and the deals later in the show. you never know what's going to happen in times square. a party breaks out every friday. we have our own deejay. look at this audience. you could be part of it. >> a huge crowd. >> also ahead, a big abc show, "what would you do?" and what would you do if you saw a father buying alcohol for his underaged child? what would you do? >> how underaged the child is, i think. >> really? >> if -- do you want your kids drinking in the house where they can be overseen by parents? >> very good question. good questions. i see you as someone who would stop it, though. you would go to them and go,
8:32 am
wait a minute, buddy. >> i'm a busy body. is that what you're saying? >> i can see you -- wait a minute. i don't think so. >> you have no idea. first, a guy -- it's been a great series all week long. very inspiring. it's "erase the weight." about people who have overcome tremendous odds to drop over 100 pounds. personal tragedy one of the reasons that heather wager dropped the pounds. it took something special for her young son to turn her life all the way around. take a look. at 22, heather wager was a college graduate with the world at her feet, until tragedy struck. at only 48, her mom was diagnosed with a.l.s., lou gehrig's disease. heather went home for a visit. and it turned into three years of round-the-clock care. >> it's hard to watch somebody you love deteriorate. especially when you know there's
8:33 am
no chance for her. i used food and alcohol to cope with what was going on with her because it just -- i didn't have a lot of joy in my life. >> reporter: after her mother died, heather tried to substitute her deep pain with food. >> five years later, i woke up. i was over 300 pounds. and i didn't really know how i had gotten there. >> reporter: heather's life was a mess. but she found herself unable to make a change until the night she saw her pain reflected in the eyes of her then-3-year-old son, griffin. >> that moment, i realized i needed to change my life for him. >> reporter: it wasn't an easy road. she wasn't ready to face it alone. so, she and a co-worker made a friendly bet, to see who would lose 40 pounds first. they challenged each other and signed up for what would be heather's first triathlon. >> i saw griffin sitting there. he was so proud of me. he gave me a high-five when i crossed the finish line. >> reporter: remember that 315-pound woman? after five years of eating well,
8:34 am
triathlons and sheer determination, she lost a remarkable 157 pounds, all through her own hard work. and the love she shares with her now-8-year-old son, not just the love with each other. but the healthy life they've made together. >> when i look back at the past five years, it's amazing what i've accomplished. small changes become big changes. >> we want to congratulate heather. she's leaving tomorrow to compete in the kona ironman triathlon. joining us is chris powell from "extreme makeover: weight loss edition" and author of "choose to lose." and we were talking about the swimming. what a great exercise for the people trying to drop big amounts of weight. >> when we do weight bearing exercise, i have to go running or jogging. it puts so much pressure on the ankles, the knees, the hips. swimming is phenomenon. and talk about inspirational with heather. she's biking. she's swimming. she's running.
8:35 am
she's doing it all. it's awesome. >> i want to do takeaway. we saw wiltrina earlier this week. a lot of useful tips to take away. what's one of them? >> the thing i got from her, one of the most powerful transformation tactics she used, is she rallied a whole crew of support around her, using social media. she didn't necessarily have family and friends that were close to her. she said, i'm going to reach out on facebook. she rallied people behind her. when she was going through her t tough times, they kept her going. >> and we saw edwin yesterday. who got it done not just the old-fashioned way. but he took the reins himself. >> he lost over 100 pounds. that was crazy. the thing i appreciate about what edwin did, he used something like lifestyle layers. he took cheat days, which we have to have to satisfy the emotional need, and laced them throughout his week. the different cheat days. i don't feel deprived. that's one thing that so many people when they embark along
8:36 am
the weight loss journey. i didn't restrict myself. he laced cheat days throughout the week, just to keep him going. >> you're like santa claus. always bringing gifts. thank you very much. the book is "choose to lose." now, for a final check of the weather. boy, thank you for this, sam. friday mornings never looked so good. >> kind of gorgeous with the lovely lara spencer in the patch at broadway farms. as we always do, we start out with 8:30 weather with twitter and facebook pictures. what's up there? >> you know if you send pictures in, we'll put them on the air. the first one from denver, colorado. that's a bummer. >> a little early. and a lot of snow. and a lot of folks are talking about it in pictures. then, there's alaska. >> you're missing arkansas. tenderfoot, alaska. that's alaska, yeah. >> alaska. >> you told me that it was kodiak. >> i did. i told it would be juneau. but it isn't.
8:37 am
it's tenderfoot. just outside of fair banks. quick look at the colder air rushing down. l.a., san diego, vegas. all morning long, we've been talking about these colder temperatures. and everybody ge >> you're totally right. >> the weather's been brought to you by hormel, natural choice. robin and her treatment and recovery has reminded all of us in the "gma" family of the battle that so many are fighting against cancer. and in her new book, "a world without cancer," dr. margaret cuomo, sister of our
8:38 am
correspondent, chris cuomo, talks about it with amy robach. >> reporter: a world without cancer. it's a world we'd like to live in. but radiologist dr. margaret cuomo says we can get there. >> the focus needs to be on prevention. we want to prevent it all the way. and we have the power to do that. >> reporter: a recent study says we could prevent more than half of all cancers that occur in the u.s., with what we know right now. and cuomo says there are some simple steps you can take to cut your risk. first, she says, what you eat can play a role in cancer risk. two-thirds of your plate should consist of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. and one-third, should be a lean protein like fish. >> there are specific foods out there that are cancer-preventing. what are they? >> that's right. you have broccoli and spinach and kale. you have tomatoes. it's the processed or cooked tomato that has more of a
8:39 am
lycopene, which is supposed to be cancer-preventing. that means tomato sauce, tomato juice. >> reporter: and don't forget the spiced turmeric. it contains anti-inflammatory agents that can decrease the big "c." what about cancer-causing items in our environment? chemicals known as perks from our dry cleaner can be dangerous. >> if you have no choice, when you bring home your dry cleaning, remove the plastic bag. let the clothes air out before putting them in your closet or on your body. >> reporter: empowering us all to take back some control from this devastating disease. for "good morning america," amy robach, abc news, new york. >> good information right there. coming up, what would you do if you saw a father buying alcohol for underaged kids? also, two women, one big ambush makeover. wait until you see how they look now.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
all right. d.j. m.o.s. rolling the tunes inside our studio. coming to times square, to the question, when kids get their hands on alcohol, latest survey shows that the source is often an adult family member. even though under aged drinking
8:43 am
is against the law. that leads to a dilemma. what would you do if you saw an adult buying alcohol for a teenager? the legal drinking age is 21 in this country. john quinones asks that question in an episode of "what would you do?" >> as fathers and mothers, we try to be the cool mom or dad because we want our kids and their friends to like us. but how much is too much? what if you see that cool dad in a liquor store, stocking up for the kids' house party? we wanted to find out what people will do if they see one of these dads in action, buying alcohol for his underaged child. >> you're going to fit right in. we need vodka. >> we don't need vodka, dad. i don't want to go overboard. >> grab a little soda, too. >> reporter: this woman enters the store and immediately takes notice of father and son. and it doesn't take long for
8:44 am
blanche to react. >> you can't buy that. that's underaged drinking. you cannot buy it. >> it's going to be at my house. >> you'll be the one arrested. you can't sell this to him. you know it's wrong. you can't sell it to him. and i'm going to stay here. all call the police. do you have a company phone? >> i'll call them. >> reporter: despite that threat, our cool dad just won't give up. >> you never threw a party for your kids? >> no. never. my oldest is 30. never. it's the wrong message to send them. are you kidding me? >> reporter: what was going through your mind? >> he said he was 16. his father tried to push alcohol on him. wrong. >> reporter: the danger here? he could be arrested, he could lose his house, the father, the parents. they could have alcohol poisoning. it's wrong.
8:45 am
>> reporter: our last customer of the day has no problems speaking up to our dad and showing his disapproval. >> you're kidding about letting him drink, right? you do that in new jersey? >> mind your own business. >> you're going to let him do that? >> it doesn't matter. kwlouf him? do i look like i'm joking? >> this is for a kid's party? >> buying booze for his kid. >> you think i'm joking? >> reporter: you want to take a swing at this man. your message to fathers who think like that? >> don't do it. don't do it. don't buy it for your kids. don't buy it for yourself, if you're driving a car at all. with kids around. >> reporter: his argument was, might as well they learn at home. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: his final words about our cool dad? >> after you've had a drink, my hat's off to you. >> the face looked like it.
8:46 am
>> reporter: a good actor. >> good job, man. >> nice. believe it or not, not everybody tried to stop the father. tonight, you'll meet a woman who offered him drink suggestions. >> what? >> and also tonight, howie mandel joins us on the show for some undercover work of his own. howie was a great sport and did two scenarios. one serious, and one hilarious. >> howie is an infamous germaphobe, self-professed. all right, john. great provocative episodes. "what would you do?" airs at 9:00, 8:00 central, right here on abc. coming up, we ambush them. now, we're giving them new looks. the big reveal for our two ladies from times square, is coming up.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
great crowd here at times square. we're back at 8:49. two women have been in hair and wardrobe with our glam squad. we'll reveal their transformations in a moment. first, how cameron mathison combed the streets of new york to find the perfect candidate. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: it's a "gma" ambush makeover. and we're scoping out times square for two, brave ladies. for my assignment, i met up with style expert allison day, and hair guru, ted gibson. >> we're on a style mission. you have to be our eyes on the
8:50 am
street, cam. here's your tools. you're going to go upstairs. we're going to be eyes in the sky. >> reporter: the mission was on. >> ambush makeover in progress. >> reporter: do you have a second? for "good morning america." i'm cameron. i work here. maybe not. >> i'm on my way to work. >> we have to speed up this project. >> reporter: hi. see you later. have a good day. >> should be able to get them just like that. right? >> reporter: i have to change my tactics a little bit. i'm a little too aggressive. my luck was turning around. you'll do this? >> i'll do it. >> reporter: we got her. erica's a new mom and a lawyer, who needed to amp up her look. >> i think we can make this fabulous. >> reporter: now, just one more. we have jill down here, who is all over. jill's a mom of two and a v.p. in finance, who needed a fashion update.
8:51 am
>> jill, excited to meet you. >> reporter: mission accomplished. they were off. first stop, marshall's. >> ready to go shopping? let's go. >> isn't that super sweet and adorable? >> okay. look at this. >> reporter: next stop, hair transformation. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm good. >> welcome to my salon. >> thank you. >> we're going to get started right away. >> perfect. >> let's go. ♪ >> reporter: okay. get ready for the big reveal. >> so great. we're joined, now, by the dream team, marshall's stylist, allison dayette, and ted gibson from "what not to wear." and we're going to see what to wear. let's do it. where is she? there's the before. there's the before. and right now, erica, come on out.
8:52 am
well, well, well. let's see you. >> hey. >> how do you like your new look? >> i love it. i love it, thanks to ted and allison. >> looking at your smile alone and your energy, do you feel like a million bucks? >> a million bucks. i can afford a $950 hair cut. >> the whole thing is about her being a high-powered lawyer. i give her an sfb. superfabulous blonde. we wanted her to look professional and sexy. >> let's talk to you, allison. >> talk about a $950 hair cut. i wanted to show we didn't have to spend $950 on top designer brands that you can pick up at unbelievable low prices. we found some really great fall
8:53 am
threads. >> the layered. >> and totally on trend for fall. >> one more ambush makeover. this is jill. let's look at the before shot. >> this crowd is so big. >> wow. >> all right. allison, what did you do for jill? >> it was really about amping up the glam factor for her. i wanted her to be fabulous, head-to-toe. and again, in designer brands. she's rocking the lace dress, the leather jacket, the beautiful heels. and looks gorgeous. >> look how gorgeous she looks. >> one tip for hair? >> always change your color at least twice a year. if you're blind, change the color twice a year. it's a lot of work. but you have to do it. >> do you feel ñ/&ñfñ!ñ'ñx1q1q
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
d.j. m.o.s., thank you. have a great weekend.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. american airlines cancelled a flight this morning because of seats coming loose on planes the flight was scheduled to takeoff 6:40 this morning they are taking 44 flights out of service nationwide. another 50 flights were cancelled yesterday many american says combination of wear, poor design and spilled soda can cause seats on the boeing 757's to pop loose during flight. >> clearing up in the skies. meteorologist hrar hoare has more. system offshore keeping 60s at our coast, 70s elsewhere, slightly cooler air throughout the bay area over the weekend partly cloudy do mostly sunny should be nice for the blue angels. no less than three accidents this morning at the bay bridge damage done with the back-up well into the maze. problems with san jose 280

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